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Steel Plates Coated with Spray Applied Polyurethane

This post described the lining of steel plates with a polyurea grade polyurethane coating. The project involved coating 8 off curved plates with a 2 mm thick coating. The plates form segments of a large tank used to hold corrosive materials.

Polyurethane spray provides the neccessary properties to withstand chemical attack.

Milling Vessel Lined with Wear Resistant Polyurethane

This post describes the internal lining of a vessel. A customer required a 6mm thick polyurethane lining in order to protect the substrate from wear, and to ensure that the product would not be contaminated with metal from the vessel. A polyurethane spray applied coating was used to line the vessel and provide a membrane.

Red polyurethane lining in a grinding mill

Sprayable Polyurethane

The Limathane range of spray polyurethane coatings has been specifically designed for the one off items or complex shapes, where tooling prices are prohibitive.

These 100% elastomer coatings offer outstanding protection against abrasion and corrosion and for sound reduction applications.

Remarkably tough and hardwearing, these abrasion resistant coatings are available in a choice of standard colours and can be applied to a range of substrates, such as steel, aluminium, GRP, wood and even concrete.

Features include:

  • No tooling costs
  • Thicknesses from 1mm – 25mm typically
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Seam free, continuous coatings
  • Operating temperatures from – 40° to + 80° Centigrade


Polyurethane Spray Bowl Feeders

Bowl feeders are coated with polyurethane to aid drive, reduce noise, and to extend the life of the work bowl. 3 day typical turnaround time so minimise disruption to production.Worn bowl feeder repaired as part of the service. A range of colours are available. Painting of the outside of the bowl is part of the service.bowlfeeders

BOWL FEEDERSl  ink to pdf

Sprayed polyurethane for bowl feeders

Sprayed pu for bowl feeders

Large Half Tanks Lined with Polyurea

Lima Envec won the order to line 8 off half tanks. The tanks are part of a large washing plant used to separate copper from other materials. The tanks were coated with a 4mm thick lining to protect against wear and corrosion.

The tanks in the 3 stages, new, blasted, and finished.

In addition to the tanks a large scroll and flights were coated.

On Site Lining of Wet Back Booth

Customer required the inside of a large wet back booth which was leaking water lining with polyurea. The unit was too large to remove from site so Lima envec were contracted to carry out the works on site.

Picture of the internals of the tank prior to lining. The internals were scarified and sanded back to base metal. Any corroded metal removed.

The substrate then subjected to a chemical bonding agent and sprayed with Polyurea spray. The new 6 mm thick polyurea lining seals all the pin holes and forms  a chemical resistant waterproof barrier.

This picture shows the internals of the tank during the lining process. The new membrane following the contours of the internals if the tank. The polyurea material is fast setting, typically touch dry in 3 seconds.

This picture illustrates the final coating. A seamless water proof chemically resistant lining. The works were carried out over an 8 hour shift and the tank  put back in service the same day.