Lima Engineering Ltd was established over 25 years ago by my Father, Brian Latimer. Since then the company has grown substantially and moved into many new market areas.

In 2007 the business acquired the rubber moulding company known as Envec Automation Elastomer. With Envec being Primarily a company that produces rubber mouldings products and Lima providing the polyurethane products the synergy between the two companies has allowed LimaEnvec access to a wider range of materials and products. We continue to offer our traditional services along with the rubber components and now boast 10 rubber moulding presses with capacity of 100 tons.

We continually look at ways to develop and promote polyurethane applications into new and existing industries. Polyurethane is an incredible material that is very under utilised here in the UK.
Our in-house developed spray machines enable us to spray fine controllable coatings on virtually any material. If you have an idea for a product or application please contact me for a no obligation chat.

Simon Latimer
Simon LatimerTechnical Director