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Walther Trowal CD1600 repair and reline

The beast is bare! The largest vibratory bowl to be relined at Lima has just been stripped of its old lining and blasted ready for inspection. This behemoth Walther Trowal CA1600 will take approx 400 kilo’s of polyurethane to reline. Over the next 2 weeks we will post images of the finished bowl.

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Sweco DM4 reline from Belgium

Limaenvec reline vibratory bowls from all over Europe. This is a Sweco DM4 just arrived from Belgium. Sweco DM4 reline

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Urethane Coated Bearings

We are now supplying urethane coated bearings in a wide range of sizes. Urethane is moulded directly onto a single or double bearing. Applications include, material handling, conveyor systems, skates, cable guides etc.   Please visit our Urethane Coated Bearing page for sizes.  click here

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Now offering standard polyurethane products

For many years we have provided bespoke polyurethane products and components. We are now also offering standard polyurethane products in wide range of sizes. To start with we will be offering Cylinders (rod), Bar (rectangle – square), Disc and Tubes (tubing). Many of these items will be in stock but due to the vast range [...]

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Coating foam with Polyurethane

Over the last year we have been developing a process of coating foam with polyurethane. We are working with various foam companies to develop methods for coating all types of foam. Using polyurethane and polyurea spray we are able to give foam substrates increased durability and impact resistance. Typically foam products are quite fragile when [...]

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Big piggy back mouldings in polyurethane

This mould is made from GRP.It is in four pieces to allow the product to be removed from the mould.Polyurethane is dispensed into the mould by means of a machine and tube.Polyurethane piggyback clamps for use in sub sea environments.

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Recovering of rollers with polyurethane

Bonding roller Pouring Polyurethane Machining of the roller. Rollers ready for dispatch Bonding agent is applied to steel roller prior to the moulding process being carried out. Brush or spray application. Polyurethane is dispensed, placed under a vacuum to remove any enveloped air and poured into the [...]

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Skip Wheels Coated in Polyurethane

Lima envec supply polyurethane coated wheels which are fitted to skips where the ground requires protection from damage. The Pu coating is ideally suited to the situation and is a cost effective way of protecting the yard from damage  Batch of wheels ready for coating. Coated wheel with spanner for scale.

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Industrial valves coated with spray polyurethane

        Spray polyurethane. Dart valves coated with  4mm thick spray applied polyester polyurethane. The mild steel  dart valve is grit blasted and a bonding is applied prior to coating. The mild steel dart valve is mounted on a manipulator to aid coating. The valve is coated to a thickness of 4 mm [...]

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