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Walther Trowal reline of an AV 600 Through Finisher

Lima Envec have recently won the order to reline a Walther Trowal AV 600 Through Finisher with a cast polyurethane liner.

This machine was relined in 10 working days.

In the 10 day period we produced all the necessary mould tooling and carried out the relining work. Future relining of this machine will typically take 5 working days now that we have suitable mould tooling.

The cost to carry out the re-lining work was approximately for this order was 50% of the OEM price.

This Walther Trowal AV 600 through finisher was relined in November 2014. The cost of a Lima lining is typically 50% of a OEM lining

This Walther Trowal AV 600 through finisher was relined in November 2014. The cost of a Lima lining is typically 50% of a OEM lining

Rosler Reline in polyurethane



A Rosler barrel arrives for a new polyurethane liner. The fabrication weighs 3.7 ton.

The customer required the machine back within 1 working week. The old rubber lining is worn out and detached from the work tub. The old rubber lining is removed

and the steel fabrication is grit blasted. Both internally and externally to ensure good adhesion for both polyurethane and paint. A new mould tool is manufactured to suit the internal dimensions of the vibratory trough. This work is carried out in house by our own team of specialist fabricators. The mould is lowered into the fabrication and positioned centrally. A nominal 35 mm gap is created between the work tub and the 

mould, and the unit is ready to be filled with polyurethane. Polyurethane is dispensed via our special machine and decanted into pails prior to pouring the new lining.275 kg of polyurethane was required to reline this machine. The lining is cured in an oven at 80 deg c for 16 hours.The mould is removed and the outside of the tub is painted.The works were completed in 5 working days.

Walther Trowel CV505 reline

Walter trowel CV 505 reline

Limaenvec have manufactured tooling suiatable for the relining of a Walther Trowel CV505 metal finishing machine.

The tooling produces the typical wedge shaped profile required to generate mass polising in the hump area.  Traditionaly a rubber or spray applied lining was the only alternative to a factory reline.

In order to offer a competitve alternative a mould was required, and with a typical 5 day turnaround Lima Envec offer a cost effective alternative.


Rosler ST 22 Bowl Reline

Bowl relining service

Bowl relining service

ST 22 proir to relining

A regular customer runs a number of Rosler ST 22 polishing machines and periodically the machines wear out the tough polyurethane linings.

The process of relining the bowl is described as follows:

The machine bowl only comes to us for reline .
The hole is apparent in this photograph.

Metal finishing bowl and tub relining service
St 22 work bowl with hole in the polyurethane lining

The old worn polyurethane lining is removed manualy. We do not burn out the old lining as this can distort the steel shell.

Reline of a Walther Trowal Finishing Machine in Polyurethane (Pu)

Walter Trowell Finishing machine

New lining for a Walter Trowel fininshing machine

Lima Envec specialise in the relining of metal finishing machines. This post illustrates the quality of a cast polyurethane (Pu) liner and in particular the fit of the dam flap within the work chamber is worthy of note.

This lining is 4o mm thick and a full overhaul of the offload mechanism has been carried out.