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Industrial valves coated with spray polyurethane

Dart valve 1


Dart valve 2


Dart valve 3


Dart valve 4


Spray polyurethane.

Dart valves coated with  4mm thick spray applied polyester polyurethane.

The mild steel  dart valve is grit blasted and a bonding is applied prior to coating.

The mild steel dart valve is mounted on a manipulator to aid coating.

The valve is coated to a thickness of 4 mm with tough spray applied polyurethane.

Spray Polyurethane for Shields and Nozzles

Nozzles coated with polyurethane

Polyurethane spray for wear resistant applications. Nozzles and shields are coated to provide extended life and to protect the parent metal. Polyurethane provides a low cost extremely durable coating and is primarily used to protect against abrasion.

These pictures illustrate the many different shapes that we can line and one of the benefit’s of our spray system is the elimination of tooling.

Shields coated in polyurethane

Polyurethane Lining (Pu) of a Blasting Table

A customer required the manufacture of a blasting table covered with abrasion resistant polyurethane. The picture shows the 1.3 metre diameter steel plate lined with 25mm thick poly.

The holes are for letting the shot fall through and were moulded rather than drilled. This table was manufactured for a Pangbourne automatic shot blasting machine.

Polyurethane Spray

Spray polyureathane

Before Polyurethane spray (grit blasted)

Polyurethane spray coating is a service offered by Lima Envec. High build coatings are achieved when polyurethane is sprayed onto steel. This process is ideally suited to the coating of large complicated shapes where the cost of a mould tool would be prohibitive.

The hopper is ready for a 6mm thick polyurethane coating.

polyuretahne spray

Hopper coated in black spray polyurethane.








This picture shows the hopper coated with 6mm thick polyurethane spray coating