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Rosler ST 22 Bowl Reline

Bowl relining service

Bowl relining service

ST 22 proir to relining

A regular customer runs a number of Rosler ST 22 polishing machines and periodically the machines wear out the tough polyurethane linings.

The process of relining the bowl is described as follows:

The machine bowl only comes to us for reline .
The hole is apparent in this photograph.

Metal finishing bowl and tub relining service
St 22 work bowl with hole in the polyurethane lining

The old worn polyurethane lining is removed manualy. We do not burn out the old lining as this can distort the steel shell.

Polyurethane Spray

Spray polyureathane

Before Polyurethane spray (grit blasted)

Polyurethane spray coating is a service offered by Lima Envec. High build coatings are achieved when polyurethane is sprayed onto steel. This process is ideally suited to the coating of large complicated shapes where the cost of a mould tool would be prohibitive.

The hopper is ready for a 6mm thick polyurethane coating.

polyuretahne spray

Hopper coated in black spray polyurethane.








This picture shows the hopper coated with 6mm thick polyurethane spray coating