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Rosler R600 and TM22 bowls for replacement liners

Two Rosler bowls in this week for refurbishment and relining, R600 and TM22. The first process is to remove the old lining and then grit blast the entire bowl. This serves two purposes: firstly it provides an excellent key for the moulded polyurethane liner to bond and secondly with all the paint removed we can see if there are any stress fractures in the metal.

Our grit blast facility is 6m x 4m x 3m high.

Rosler R600 and Rosler TM22

Polyurethane Sheeting as a Lining Solution

 Polyurethane sheeting as a lining solution.

Lima envec manufacture polyurethane sheet which is used in a wide range of industries. Recent projects required polyurethane sheet for the lining of chutes where wear issues needed addressing. 20 mm thick pu sheets were cut, bolted and glued into position, and the steel substrate protected against the abrasive environment.

The project also required a section of steel work lining with spray polyurethane. Spray polyurethane produces a seamless membrane which is idealy suited to the lining of complex or very large fabrications.

Gaskets and seals are also cut from Pu.

Ultra Strong Protective Coating

Since developing our bespoke polyurethane (plastic) spray machines we are constantly looking for new market areas that the coating would be suitable. The coating is extremely tough. It offers many advantages over other conventional coating methods. If you an idea for an application and want to discus further please call Simon Latimer on 01282 606300.

Dye dispensing prototype trials

Working with more and more clients we were getting asked to polyurethane spray in a wide variety of colours. The conventional way involved mixing a large batch of a particular colour then having to strip and clean the spray machine when another colour was required. This was time consuming and very wasteful. We are in the process of developing a dye dispenser that will change colour at the flick of a switch. Initial trials have proved very successful and we should have a production version ready within the next few weeks.

Walther Trowal CD200 reline

Just completed the reline of a Walther trowal CD200. We completed the full works in 5 working days utilising our new bespoke steel mould tool. The steel mould reproduces all the features of the original Walther Trowal lining. This lining should last for 10 years.

Shot peening masks

The most common method of masking is moulded masking, the main attractions of this method are that it is quick, reusable and offers repeatability.
Initially to determine whether a moulded mask is practical it is necessary to ascertain that the job will be on going and there is sufficient part volume.

Speed and repeatability come automatically with moulded masking for when the tooling is well engineered the component fit can be accurate and tight. It is advisable to work with a company that understands shot peening and gas turbine engines as this will ensure the correct material selection is made and your time input is not wasted whilst away from production. Most shot peening applications that call for moulded masking are blades and vanes. There is also another significant benefit in that with an interface the mask acts both as a mask and fixture. Machine position repeatability reduces set-up times and time wasted repositioning nozzles.

Walther Trowal reline of an AV 600 Through Finisher

Lima Envec have recently won the order to reline a Walther Trowal AV 600 Through Finisher with a cast polyurethane liner.

This machine was relined in 10 working days.

In the 10 day period we produced all the necessary mould tooling and carried out the relining work. Future relining of this machine will typically take 5 working days now that we have suitable mould tooling.

The cost to carry out the re-lining work was approximately for this order was 50% of the OEM price.

This Walther Trowal AV 600 through finisher was relined in November 2014. The cost of a Lima lining is typically 50% of a OEM lining

This Walther Trowal AV 600 through finisher was relined in November 2014. The cost of a Lima lining is typically 50% of a OEM lining